January 26th, 2009

Cons: Contacting Commissioners (Whew alliteration!)

This isn't really a beware or warning, but more me asking artists a favor. If you ask someone who commissions you for a phone number and then say you'll call that night, please make sure you actually call. Even if it's to say "I'm sorry, but I didn't finish it in time, something came up. I'll hopefully finish it tomorrow morning" or something like that. I've been left hanging on a commission from an artist at FC and I am in the process of trying to track down what's going on. Now I'm home from the con and out money and have no arts. I'm a sad panda.

I guess really just keep in mind that us folks who pay artists to make pretty arts (and not so pretty arts sometimes) can't read minds. It's important to keep us in the loop as to what's going on, especially if we pay up front (and when you have our contact information there's no excuse not to).
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Copyright infringement fursuit photos

I'm Dutch and I'm happily walking down the street in Rotterdam when suddenly *BAM* poster with fursuiters on it makes me go "Whuttufuh?"

As some may know there's an international film festival in Rotterdam every year and apparently the past few years there has been a "reject" festival showing films that were rejected from the actual festival.

This year these people who claim to be all artsy fartsy trolled the intarwebs for photos of fursuits and then used them, most likely sans permission, for promotional material. Please note that they are receiving funds for certain parts of the festival, ergo this can be considered commercial exploitation of copyrighted material. I've seen a large poster on their door and there's a booklet-format PDF with multiple photos of various fursuits from seemingly various conventions.

If you are a fursuiter or have photos you took of fursuiters on-line it is worth looking at these sites.

Myspace, always classy.
Link to PDF download.
At the bottom of the PDF a person called Silas, nicknamed "Roodkapje" (little red riding hood) takes credit for all the hard work he did Googling up material, his site is here.
More info on the "Reject festival" and another photo here.

Fursuiters, you have rights, Dutch law has a thing called "portrait rights" that allows you to oppose publication of photos that contain your person, even when dressed up -if you are recognizable by fursuit- (example; unique character design you own). Unless you have specifically signed away those rights (unlikely), you are legally able to object against the publication of these photos if you are in them.

This "Reject Festival" is running from January 23 to February 1, if you recognize your photos or yourself in the photos, please mail these people soon. Be sure to reference the DMCA which is an international agreement to protect copyright and "auteursrecht" which is a similar but more extensive Dutch law that also entitles the photographers to royalties.

What to do:
Contact Silas/Roodkapje and inform him that he is using your material/likeness without your permission and tell him to knock it off. I can virtually guarantee he speaks English, most Dutch people do. If he plays dumb or refuses to address your concerns, go over his head and have the material taken down.

Myspace copyright violation information
2shared's copyright violation contact.
Roodkapje.org's provider abuse contact - abuse@protagonist.nl

Additional note, he's using the photos because one guy's work features "furries". The.. Artist.. Is called Michael Cogliantry and he has 10 photos of a supposed "furry kama sutra" so the photos featuring shitty wanna-be fursuits are his. He's supposedly making a statement about hpw furries retain their internet anonymity by going to meets and conventions in these suits (even though 90% doesn't) so if they give you some faux-intellectual argument about how removing photos would reflect on the artist's statement or something.. Just tell him he's a pretentious dick who, as someone who works within artistic circles, should know better than to infringe on other people's work.

Have fun ripping them a new one ^_^

Edit: Don't tell me "You should contact so-and-so!" because I have no idea who these people are. If you know who these people are, please let them know!