January 20th, 2009

Allot of contraversy

I know there has been a few posts about me here in the past so I'm taking the time right here right now to try and end some of it.

In the past 6 months I've had an up hill battle with paypal, to the point where I did have to threaten legal action. Last September i had about $800 taken out of my bank account by paypal to pay a bunch of stuff and pay artists I owe. (Yes I am aware I still owe people money and trying to get it squared away.) Instead of just paying the people the money part of it was taken out the other part the bank red flagged (understandable did a bunch of transations in one night with instant pay.)

Instead of contacting me however, paypal red flagged my account and accused me of fraudulant activities and while claiming to have emailed me many times for more info to the people they didn't try to contact me.

Bottom line is, its been a fight and a half to take care of things via paypal. The good news is it is sorted and working fine I have paid a few people back I owe and moving on. I do ask if I owe you money for art or such, please kindly Message me via LJ and will get it sorted out, because I will be honest I know i owe 3 or 4 people money for art but i can't honestly remember who beyond zanza and rmoorecat.