January 8th, 2009

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So whats reasonable?

I'm new to this commissioning thing having just started getting my first few commission recently. After reading a few of these horror stories from all of you and as a concerned artist who wants to do more commissions in the future, I ask you all.

What do you consider a reasonable amount of time for an artist to finish and complete a commission?

We all know that artists have lives, jobs, and interests outside our art that art important and some commissions/artists take longer than others (such as an icon verses a 2 character full color image) But generally give me a fiar time frame by you, as a commissioner's, stand point.
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Scribblefox contact?

Okay, got a bit of a problem. I just tried emailing Scribblefox for status updates on my fursuit...only to get a kickback message stating that the address is invalid.

Does anyone know of any other way to get in touch with him?
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I tried to be nice

Ok a while ago i commission a deviant on DA for a bloodwork commission in nov 07.  Since then I've only received partially done work since then,  Last contact with them i was told the work would be done in a hour and later on sunday while i was at work.  to my surprised this was not done.  Even now when I see him log in on YIM he's unresponsive and quite frankly ignoring me.  I only paid him $7 but it's annoying that All I wanted to do was help him out with some extra spending money and I feel betrayed.  I could care less asking for a refund I just want the damn work done.  this is all I got so far  http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h55/SladeThirteen/bwpreview.jpg
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