November 29th, 2008


Trying to be "nice"

I want to share this, because I think it is something that people ought to consider.

I have had a few people who were trying to be "nice" to me, and didn't want to hurt my feelings, so they didn't tell me about problems with fursuits that I have made for them. They are nice people, and I appreciate the gesture, but this is not being nice, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, this means I never have the chance to fix the issue. Sometimes there are things the can't be fixed, and yes it can be hard to put an artist in the position of having to say "I'm sorry, but you're SOL." But if you never even give them the chance to make things right, is this really fair?

Secondly, although these people never spoke to me, they were not shy about telling others about this problem. (That's how I found out this had happened on one recent occasion, was getting it from a third party.) This means that my reputation is being harmed by an issue I was never given a chance to fix. This distresses me greatly.

And thirdly, it's not nice because it's hurting all my future customers. I have been doing something that can potentially cause severe problems (it usually hasn't, but it can) to probably 90% of the fursuits I've made for the last two years. Two years worth of my customers have a flawed product, and though I don't know how many of them have actually experienced the problem, I know one person who got their suit very nearly two years ago DID experience this problem, and never so much as breathed a word of it to me. If he had, even if I couldn't have fixed his suit, I could certainly have refrained from using that method on all the suits I made during that period! Instead I'm left wondering how many people have this problem, and how badly my repuation has been hurt by having shoddy product out there, when I had no idea that there was any potential problem whatsoever.*

So please... this is not asking for customers to pitch a fit and be rude about flaws, but you really aren't doing anybody any favors when you insist that it's perfect when in fact it has some major problems! It is very possible to report problems and do it politely. Really it is. So you might want to consider that before you decide to be "nice" and not bother an artist who has made you something you're not happy with. Particularly if you're then going to go around telling everybody about said problems.

*This is something I do in my own personal suits too, of course, but is only an issue if the suit wearer sweats a ton, and I don't, so I've never noticed it myself, and had no idea there was any issue at all until tonight. I'm not a happy camper right now.

P.S. And I have to add that it's so far from not being nice that it turns into being a downright douchebag when instead of approaching an artist privately with problems, you decide to air them publicly first. If the first thing I hear about a problem is seeing it on a public community post, and I had no idea the problem existed before you chose to tell the entire world about it, well...
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