November 16th, 2008


Not cool

My mate commissioned an artist for a picture back in June, and has had some major issues. He asked me to post this, while he's waiting to be approved as a member of this community. The artist was (formerly Stickdevil) SadFatDuck, and the art was for a gift to give me at our wedding. Nothing complex, two character with a simple background.

- June 6th, contacted him about doing the commission, couple of emails back and forth to plan it, and sent ref pics
- June 10th, paid via PayPal, $70
- June 27th, sent a few more reference pictures, recieved reply that ref pics were a big help
- July 24th, emailed to see if he had started work on the commission
- August 24th (7 days before our wedding) - emailed again to see if he had started work on the commission
- September 24th, emailed a third time to see if he had started work on the commission
- October 5th, contacted on DA concerning status
- October 11th, contacted on DA again concerning status, told him he wanted either the completed commission or a full refund, received reply on DA that all commissions would be mailed out the following weekend
- November 13th, contacted on DA, told him we still have not received the commission

At this point, we're ready to write off the $70, and just let everyone know that SadFatDuck apparently has problems finishing his commissions, even when they're prepaid and a tip included in the payment. And it's not like he's without his muse at the moment, given that he's posting new commissions on DA still. As in, TODAY. I, personally, am fed up with all this. He was the first artist to draw my mate and I together, and his work was awesome. But after this, he won't be getting our business again. It's not worth the hassle.