October 28th, 2008



:0 Hello, everyone! I'm a long-time watcher, but never a poster.

First off, I was wondering if anyone could help me locate "Creep" / "Playdead" ? They commissioned me at Anthrocon, and I have been using every method of contact given to me to locate them. Their badge has been finished for quite some time, and I don't have an address to mail it. [ I have even texted the number given to me.. The e-mails get no reply, etc. etc.. ]

[ Also, I believe they have an opossum fursuit? Not sure though. ]


Secondly, I received a badge commission from AC '08 by a fellow named Daymien. He has a white wolf, with black swirled markings. The character has red eyes, and three black diamonds on his forehead. His badge has also been finished for a long period of time. He has sent me displeased notes on DA that he didn't know that a "cheap" commission could be "so drawn out", and he wanted his badge immediately..

I had been emailing him already. I have gotten no response. I have linked the badge on his FA, DA, and sent it to his email provided to me. He is active, but has never responded to his own badge submissions, or even acknowledged me asking for his address.

Advice? Contact information?

:s Halp.

Thanks so much!

-Ouka / "Lady"
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