October 9th, 2008

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Identity Theft (this is not me)

Somebody on MSN is pretending to be me (calling himself "TaniDaReal", using my profile, my website link, my slogan). I do not know if that person is an artist, or maybe offers artwork under my name, but just in case I would like to warn you that this pretender is NOT me. So please do not accept anything if he/she should offer you something.


Screenshot 1: http://www.tanidareal.com/theft/identity-theft_MSN_1.png
Screenshot 2: http://www.tanidareal.com/theft/identity-theft_MSN_2.png

FAKE EMAIL - THIS IS NOT MINE: TaniDa.Real@hotmail.com

So whatever that person tells you in my name, please do not believe it. Especially not if it should be about artwork. Thanks.

Fainira was so kind to let me know about this and send me 2 screenshots for proof. Thank you for that.
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