September 26th, 2008


A question and a beware~

Hi guys! Been reading around here for a while, and now I want to ask about an artist and offer up a Beware.

First of all, since I know y'all are good at finding people, does anybody know what Spinelicker's getting up to these days? She's on FA and I commissioned a little badge from her at AC; I don't mind waiting because frankly I don't know when my next con is going to be. I'm more curious about her whereabouts, since she hasn't posted in about 3 months and I haven't been able to get in contact with her. Thanks!

As for the Beware, I commissioned Bidelle ( ) back in early '07; the notes appear to be gone from my inbox so I can't be sure. I recently sent her a note asking about it (which she hasn't read, because DevArt very considerately tells whether or not a note has been)and commented on her page most recently. However, I have also attempted to e-mail her gmail, post on her livejournal (comments are screened and none of mine have been allowed to be seen, although I KNOW she posted in her LJ recently), and all that jazz.

I had commissioned her because another artist I watched there said she needed financial help. It was a two-character sketch commission and now all I want is a refund. I made it clear that I would accept either the refund or the image, but of course no response. I've had some pretty bad luck commissioning artists on DA (no surprise there), but that's a gross generalization. Mostly I wish I had kept better tabs on her before she suddenly OMG LEFT (hid her gallery, posted an 'FU' image, and hightailed it). But her gallery's back now.

So it was only twenty dollars, but of course I'm rather miffed. If anybody can get in contact with her (she's probably alert to my meddling now), that'd be pretty amazing. Thanks for reading, in any case!
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