September 25th, 2008

Markus Thompson.

This isn't a huge deal, but it's my first time experiencing this kind of thing, so I guess this is just a small warning.

Sometimes I do art for Furcadia. I took a few commissions but fell on hard times (but made continual updates on my DA so my commissionees would be informed), but haven't produced a lot of art because... well. I don't have anywhere to do it. I need a desk, else it is physically impossible for me to draw. (My back hurts easily, and to be blunt I am too chubby to lean over on a low table, which is all we have.) I just moved into my friend's very cramped studio apartment, where there is barely room for my bed. Because of this, I said on my DA I was still alive but desk-less. That's only the beginning of the problems I have right now, but yes.

This fellow Markus Thompson commissioned me. I had a feeling I might have some issues with him to start with, but decided to go with it anyway. He was kind of pushy and tried to get me to do art before I was able to do it--like, I said I could start it in a few weeks and he tried to connive me into giving him sketches that night.

So, I moved. That was the big thing that put commissions on hold. I moved, which I should say was more like escaping from my tyrant and controlling mother, but that has little to do with this. I updated with that, let people know what was up.

A little while later, I get a DA comment, one of Markus' friends say he is apparently very worried about getting his art or not, and that I should contact him. Ironically, this comment was posted just a few days before I had told him I would be able to start the art. I was kind of miffed, but I just told her to please tell him I would get on to his art soon and that was that.

I didn't hear from him (or the friend) for a month.

And... well, this was posted September 11 about me, but I never actually knew about it until somebody sent me a note telling me this post existed today.

"So, I find this kat on furcadia; in The Golden Tether. I was lookin' for art for my website (to add to my character art), and I saw her artwork. She mentioned she was up for commissions, so I said 'aight'. I asked her how long it would take, she said she wouldn't get started on it til after she moved. Sure, she moved, got situated, and then, I heard not a word from her. So, what's the deal, eh?

[link removed]

Her website is up above, (deviant art). I had my best friend send her money for 4 bust pics of my char, and well, I havn't seen jack shit from her. So, I'm not sure what her problem(s) are. Looks like she would tell the people she owe's what is up. Afterall... I mean... you can DRAW anywhere. Find something to draw on, eh? Afterall, I only want sketches. There are several people that want art from her and have paid her, yet they're still having to wait for it. They may have waited longer then I have, or whatever, but, still. I think she's scammin people. I havn't seen crap from her like I said, and it's been a few months. I'm not that patient, especially when my best friend went in the hole (in the bank) for her, and I went in the hole with money and finances because I thought I would get my money's worth. I can't contact her and let her know whats up because I don't have contactable information. :/ everything I send bounces back to me, and it does my friend also. Her excuse is 'I don't have a desk'. Big deal. She can get a desk anywhere for cheap and finish up the pieces she promised for the money paid. I would ask for my money back but it's probably long gone -shrug-

I may have lost out on some money, but at least you guys will be aware of whats goin on so you won't commission her. :>"

Ouch. That... actually kind of insults me and hurts my feelings. He didn't even try to get a hold of me at all. Or ask for a refund. If he was so concerned about money, wouldn't he have gone to me first?

I replied with:

"Here I am, the said artist that is supposedly "scamming" you.

You didn't even email me to ask me for progress of the art. The only time you did check with me was one comment through a friend - you didn't even come to me yourself, that time. I'm gonna have to mention that around the time you had her poke me for progress, it was the same time I had actually told you I would anticipate being able to start on your stuff.

I thought the fact that I hadn't updated in a while and the updates I did post to the general public and the people I have commissioned would be enough to say that I am in a bad place right now. (And you've only been waiting, now, what... a month? I'm so totally running away with your money here.) Although I wish I could be drawing, I can't. I don't have a desk, for one. Because of some physical issues, I can't just draw on my lap or at a low table or anything, I really do need a desk. I just moved into a new apartment, and although I hate to pull the pity card, it's a really tough time in my life right now, physically and mentally. Not only am I in a bad place to draw physically, my inspiration is kind of hitting a low.

If you would have taken the time to ask what was up, I would have told you. I would have also appreciated it if you could have just asked for the money back. You didn't even attempt to do that.

For this, I'm not really interested in doing business with you anymore. Sorry. I'm probably going to send the money back to the friend you had pay for you, unless you want it somewhere else."

I also PM'd this to him... and returned the money. I don't want to draw for someone like that, honestly.

I don't know what else to do now. I'm kind of nervous, and don't really want my rep as an artist ruined because of this Markus Thompson guy. Guh.