August 31st, 2008


A follow up to Paka's post, about Kora.

I have decided I need to make a post about Kora. Many people told me to do so, and I didn't want to, but she has tried to kill my reputation with exxagerations and outright lies, so I should get the truth out.

Basically, FA user Kora commissioned me for a four page adult, TF themed comic. Basically, she wanted me to continue where this artist left off. This was posted after I accepted the commission, and Kora had seemed nice up until then, so I was fine with it.

It was going to be $450 for a 4 page inked comic. She later added on another 4 pages at the same price, bringing her total to $900. Now, my terms for comics are very different than my terms for illus. Instead of approving a sketch, thumbnails are approved. Kora paid aftrer the sketches for the first 4 pages, and then after the thumbnails for the last 4, $450 each time.
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But long story short, DO NOT ACCEPT WORK FROM KORA, she will mistreat you as an artist, make unruly demands, try and control YOUR pricing scheme, might just make advances on you, and in the end, will try and use scare tactics and blackmail to get what she wants out of you- free art. She's driven me out of wanting to do furry art, so be warned.