August 2nd, 2008

A possible look out...

So, I was told to post here in hopes something can be solved if not, people are warned.  About a year ago (at RCFM 2007) I bought a piece of art from an artist named Bushy Cat.  I know she's at a lot of cons and can be found everywhere pretty much with tails behind her and a giant table of art. 
Anyway, I comissioned her for a 45 USD 2 character picture.  I left an email and name and such for future contact.  Sense then I've had a few email changes, however I have it set up with thunderbird to give me my emails even on old accounts.  I hadn't heard back from her and for the life of me couldn't find her contact information (her website wasn't complete then I don't think).  So, I see her at the last FC.  I talk to her and she said she sent the sketch and never heard back from me.  Even had it rejected in my email (which was possible for being in the spam folder but I pay attention to even my spam folders).  Anyway, we work things out and I give her a new email along with my mate's email.  I think even a phone number, but I don't remember.  I even had worked out with her to change the person I'm with in the picture so that it matched my current mate.
I leave and send her an email asking if she had any information she needed and checking if the email she had given was correct... a month later, I get a reply.  Okay... I can handle someone being busy... now each email I send is 2 weeks or so delayed with her and eventually she drops off again.  A couple months ago, I asked if I could at the least have my money back I paid her, if she is too busy with the drawing.  No problems there, she can finish it.
Now... I emailed a week and half ago asking the status and nothing... not even an excuse...
I hate causing trouble for others, expecially artists that aren't mean to me, but when I paid for a piece at the least I'm expecting the first picture I asked for.. I could care less about the changes as long as I got my money's worth.
So, now I'm still out of luck and worse I'm hearing rumors to not comissions her and it's not making me happy... so yeah.. that's my story, and hopefully someone can help and at the least I've put her up as a warning to others...
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(no subject)

Hey folks! I have a quandry, ironically enough with one of the members of this community.

Have any of you by any chance spoken to _gilligan_ anytime recently? I ask becauase I commissioned her back in March of this year for two tail keychains-- One was for my younger brother leeranw's 20th birthday, which was in June. I paid her, she made them(Actually, she made them first, now that I've rechecked my email records), they looked fantastic, all seemed well.

A week or so after their completion, I asked if she had sent them off yet(I asked because I had requested that she notify me after she sent them), and she said she hadn't done it yet. I was mid-move at the time, and as I mentioned one was for a birthday present, so things were a little time-sensitive. I have since moved and would love to receive the keychains, but I haven't had any replies to my last two e-mails, which were in mid-May. I was a little irked at first, but having looked around a little bit she doesn't seem the type of person to do this often.

I'll be X-Posting this to ilovetails and to artists_beware, so I apologize if you see it twice. I'm not really sure what to do at this juncture, so any advice is welcome... Thank you!