July 24th, 2008

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A little help?

How the HELL do you write a letter to someone who's been keeping you waiting for three-four months shy of two years for a two-part commission, that... you don't give a fig about anymore - you don't want your money back - you just want to you know, float on? No bad blood, no nothing, I ain't gonna report them to this comm or anywhere else either. How the HELL do you write something like that and not (I repeat: not) have it sound like you're attempting to guilt the artist into actually doing it? At the end of my rope here, everything I've thought of/written sounds like a greasy excuse for 'pity art'. EDIT: I just want to forget it, I want her to forget it too (completely, no hint of my being an afterthought) and it seems even more regretful to come here for advice since it seems people are more ready for claws/teeth/emo-woe. This is a way to kill any sort of miscommunication (the biggest issue here in this community ever! OH MY GOD I want to fix that, how dare I attempt it, right?), so she doesn't assume I'm still out there on a limb. ANYWAY I've already attempted to explain my weird ways already. Take it or leave it. I don't want it. The glittery goods she offers don't appeal to me period now. I don't get anyone else here who doesn't seem to get that I'm just done, and there are just some points in life where you're just done fighting or attempting to start one, and a frosty air of 'forget it, not worth it to get my goods or my money back' can do more damage than a clusterfuck of emoflaming in my opinion.
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Help please?

I commissioned SpazzyKoneko for a dangly as a gift for a friend and paid upfront for it. This was a little more than two months ago and seems to have cut off all contact ever since.

I've tried to contact her thru several venues (emails, notes, etc) with no response - and have heard from acquaintances of mine that she has been spotted as recently a week ago.

Now,I know she's probably a really good person, and rather talented as well. First, I hope she's ok; secondly, I hope that if someone knows her might ask her, on my behalf, not to forget about the commission since it was a b-day gift for a friend.

Thanks in advance.