July 18th, 2008

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Weird illustration job?

Nothing to beware of yet, but I wanted to make sure. I could use you guys' advice.

So I was contacted by this person on DeviantART (her profile said she was 14) saying that her father was interested in hiring me for an illustration job. I got his email and a link to his DA account, and was told to email him saying what my prices are.

Since I had no idea what the job entailed and what the purpose was, I decided to inquire to see what was up. He tells me the job is for a small toy company he is presenting ideas to. He wants three illustrations, but I'm still not sure what he really wants and what the purpose of my illustrations will be. He attached a picture he did, a mangled version of my Elemental Fire Fox piece and says he wants this but as a snake, a lion and a wolf. It's the head and front legs of the fox and pieces of fire connected with large awkward black blocks. My watermark is not found anywhere on the picture.

I would show you guys what it look like, but I get red-x syndrome every time I try to put it in photobucket. =/

He tells me that if the company chooses my art (which he apparently using to present his ideas) that there will be a job. That the toys will be sold in South American and possibly the US.

This seems iffy because:
a) The person's 14 year old daughter contacted me for this job, not himself. That's a little bizarre, why wouldn't he send me a note or an email himself?

b) He's already assuming he can use existing artwork of mine to present to this company, which I never said he could. He mangled a piece I did without my permission, which already rubs me the wrong way....

c) Vague city! What will these illustrations be used for? Who is paying me (him or the toy company)? What are the toys going to be like? What is the name of the toy company?

I'm afraid that if this IS something I shouldn't pass up, telling him he shouldn't have mangled my art will ruin the oppertunity for me. I simply don't know how to respond to this guy, or what to make of this. Also, how do I price each illustration if it's for a package design?

Not too sure on all this, so any feedback is a good thing! ^^;

[edit] I got an email response from him, but since this entry is getting s little long I'll lj-cut it.

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[edit 2]

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I hope I'm not letting slip a great oppertunity by being picky, almost everything about this says no to me. =( More updates when I get 'em.

AWFUL commissioner: Citrius

After a pretty disgusting and uncalled for comment was made on a design commission I had completed, I felt it absolutely necessary to make this post.
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So artists, do beware. This girl's money is NOT worth the time, harassment, and general emotional discomfort you'll experience. She's the worst commissioner I've EVER had. It's ridiculous how much stress she and her posse will put on you. Take my advice and just avoid this girl.
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