July 12th, 2008

  • grygon

Logo design

Just to throw this out there- how would you expect to make from a logo commission and what all would it entail? Maybe I'm being unreasonable...

I just had a very bad experience with someone calling herself "Kay" wanting a logo designed for CJKats business. Her email was ochem_tutor@yahoo.com.

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Happy Bat

Unrelated Question?

I have a question about the law for you guys that I can't seem to find but I figured you guys would know.

I want to spray paint a pokemon on my car, Kabutops to be exact, along with his number and his name. I want to know if I can get in trouble with nintendo if I do this. I'm not sure myself because I'm not going to be making a profit or anything, my I remember my friend had a Disney character on his car and he went through a ton of crap to make sure Disney didn't get his butt.

Thanks for any input.