July 11th, 2008

for the swarm!

Second Life?

Hi guys, recent lurker.

I wanted to get some clarifications about something because a recent commission offer I've recieved sounded REALLY sketchy.

Anyway, on a message board, one of its members private messaged me with an offer for a commission, except he wouldn't be able to pay me via PayPal, but via Second Life.

Now, I told him I didn't play Second Life. I can't. I'm using a PC that's running Windows XP on WIndows 98 technology. I asked him if there was any other ways he could pay me (like via a friend's credit card or PayPal account) and he said no. <b>But</b> he also said that it's possible to convert second life money into real money,

Does anyone know something of this?

Thanks in advance dudes.