May 30th, 2008

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Starfinder update, part 2

Starfinder contacted me today and refunded my money. Thus, I've removed the post I made last night pertaining to her.


I really should not have to explain myself for removing my OWN posts, but apparently I do. I wanted to just leave it where it was but now I'm being called names for it, so here:

Starfinder messaged me yesterday afternoon and said "If you remove the post I'll give you a refund." I asked why she wouldn't just give me the picture she said was done, and she said she didn't know what DVD it was saved on.

I said, okay, fine. She refunded me through PayPal and I said I'd remove the post. Then, I asked her what she'd do if I didn't remove the post, and she said she'd reverse the PayPal transaction. I argued with her over how moral that was, when she owed me the money anyway. We both got angry, she said she wouldn't actually do that, but she was under stress from finals etc etc and was losing legitimate business from "pay-on-delivery" customers because of posts like that and people harassing her customers and this and that.

So I figured, taking down the post was a small sacrifice to make in order to make sure she didn't decide to take the money back she owed me, and perhaps a little because I felt the situation was over, done, and closed. I would have liked to leave it up too, but I really don't want to risk losing the money again because she changed her mind.

Second edit:

Wow, this shit just doesn't stop. People bitching at me for accepting Starfinder's blackmail into getting my money back, and now Starfinder messaging me to bitch at me and calling me a liar for explaining why I removed the post. This situation is fucking ridiculous. I make a post, get my money back, get flak from people here for how I handle MY OWN FUCKING FINANCES and then I get flak from her for DEFENDING myself.

So now Starfinder is bitching at me that she overdrew her account to repay me to get me to take down the post. Guess what? Collapse )

Since there's apparently no graceful way out of this situation without pissing SOMEONE off, I give up. I'll let you know if she reverses the transaction.

And thanks for all your support. Or lack thereof.