March 7th, 2008

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Pay site using freely available and stolen work

Hi, I joined just to make this post really, as I've been advised this is the right place to put it.

Stumbled across this the other day though while googling for "bunny girls" sometime deep in the AM.

They're both obstensivly "free" sites, but they require a pass, which charges $39.95 every month after a 3 day trial.
So someone's potentially making lots of money off the following artists freely available and purchacable work. That pisses me off.

I don't know enough names to put them to all the images, but I'm sure folk here could ID a lot more of the artists being stolen from.
Visibly contains:

Dr Comet
Lil Blue Wolf
Visibly contains: (only looked through the first 5 example pages)

Jim Hardiman
Max Blackrabbit
Jessica Elwood
Dark Natasha
Dark Nekogami
Fisk (notably items from the portfolios/collections sold through his own site)

Unsuprisingly, both domains have their whois information hidden by, so any complaints would need to be made through them.

I'm unsure wether artists should complain individually, or try en-mass to get the sites shut down. Thoughts? Possibly demanding the contact info from privacyprotect so the issue can be raised more directly?
Rawr Bear!
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Starfinder Commission?

     So, it seems that Starfinder is back and offering a commission auction here:

     My question is, in light of all of the massive controversy of the past and the fact that it's been quite some time since all of that... Does anyone know if it's safe to commission her these days? Has anyone had any recent experience (within the last year) with commissioning her? I'm really, really tempted to bid on this auction, but because of all the prior complaints about her failure to deliver here, I'm thinking twice...

     Any feedback/advice would be appreciated. Thanks! =)