February 26th, 2008

Zagar by Muzz

Diggla, Commissions, and a note about Cons

Alright, I really did not want to post this, but it's been escalated to that point. While attending FWA just the other weekend, I accepted a ton of conbadge commissions as is the usual. One of the badges was for a guy named Diggla on Friday. Now, I'd been downright ill from the very begining of the con, but tried to push through it. Early Friday afternoon, I gave up and retreated from the Artist Alley. We returned the hotel room to work on these in peace, finished 20 outta the 24 accepted. There were several reasons for these last three not being finished - not only was I feeling nasty, we'd run outta laminate and clips too. No worries, I've taken badges home to finish before without issue. Went ahead and passed out my contact info to the folks who's badges weren't finished and relaxed the rest of the weekend.

I come home to find a shout on my FA page about the one for Diggla. I respond, lettin em know everything's fine. Real-life happens, I'm still trying to get over this con crud, I start a new job, etc... honestly, checking FurAffinity messages is not really a top priority for me, and I'll be the first to admit it. A couple of days go by, and someone sends me a link to the FWA LJ community. I find out Diggla's 'looking for me' with the assumption that I've taken his money and run. Now, it's been a week, tops. I gave this guy my info in a heartbeat, no issue. He makes the accusation that I 'avoided him all weekend' and that since he provided the money 'upfront, there's no incentive to finish the badge'. Right... First, I ask that everyone provides payment upfront, that's standard procedure and always has been. We argue back and fourth a bit, I log into my FA page and realize that he's made three shouts on my mainpage and Noted me twice within this week. This really seems like overkill. He tells me that being sick is no excuse for not finishing his badge. A week is 'too long to wait for a commission'. Right. I'm done arguing, done having my name dragged through the mud. Unfortunetly, the badge has already been sent out, I'd much rather have just given this guy his $15 back.

What I've learned from this is that if you intend to do business with Diggla in the future, you best well have that badge done when he says so. Forget your real-life priorities, his should be #1 on your list.

This little encounter has made me realize how much customers expect from artists at cons. I've been doing artwork for furries for six years now, and it seems that more and more people assume we can go all weekend without breaks for eating, sleeping or relaxing. It's very disappointing, and makes me very apprehensive about continuing to take commissions at cons in the future.