February 8th, 2008

Atarin - Xantari - RAWR

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Just a heads up to let folks know that the Furbid scammers mentioned in a previous post some time back are still at large on the site.

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The username was 'stella_oya'. From what I could see on the forums, someone else encountered a similar scammer under the username 'stella_y' who I assume is already banned. I've reported thie buyer to Furbid, but there is probably still others.

So keep a weather eye out, folks, I'd hate to hear of someone getting suckered in by this scam, although, I don't think any of us are going to fall for that anytime soon, cos we all smart and stuff :)

What I would like to make people aware of, however, is that the winning bid confirmation emails send the seller's address to the buyer. So some mean old scammer has my address, and probably the address of anyone else whose items they've falsely bid on. At the moment I don't really know if there's anything anyone can do about that. Possibly the better idea may be to make your address on the site a PO Box if you have one, which will at least keep these dishonest folks from getting a hold of your home address.

That said, if there's a way to stop that happening that I'm too blind to see, I'd love it if someone could pretty please let me know :) Thanks!