February 6th, 2008


Requesting high resolution images upfront

I’m posting this entry without any names as I don’t want to cause the concerned parties any embarrassment, and this is not an accusation in any way. I just wanted to raise my worries regarding an issue I sure a good few of you will recognise as being personally relevant.


I was recently approached by an individual on DA who requested high resolution images for an anthropomorphic anthology they planned to print later this year. The opening letter explained the process of royalties divided up between the artists, proportionate to the number of pieces published in this book. I do not work on the promise of royalties and will admit to being immediately sceptical. I will call this DA member Person A.


Whether to encourage me or not, they then posted a long list of other artists who had already agreed to be in this publication. Art work is chosen at the discretion of Person A, and they also intend to post a species list for those who want to submit new art for consideration. Not guaranteed inclusion.


Now apart form the initial explanation, I have seen no contract and can not discern if this person has any previous publication experience. When asked to send high resolution files via email I had to refuse, since no contract equals no agreement. To my annoyance I was then told a contract was not “high on their priorities.”


Personally I feel that a contract is a fundamentally important priority which protects an artist’s rights, along with many other vital aspects of commercial publication.


What do people make of this? Is anyone else doubtful or concerned by it? I am not making any accusations of sinister intent, as I actually believe Person A intends to do as they say. But to what extent they plan to fund it themselves, and how they will pay/protect the artists involved I can not say.


To clarify, Person A has NOT requested any bank details or money upfront. Simply high resolution artwork.


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Just a warning

Hello everyone,

Just dropping a warning into the art community in general. For your own sake, do not get involved with doing work -- commissioned or no -- for the RPG site Metal Machine Music. I have nothing against the site itself or game -- it's all excellent. I've been there for a long time and enjoyed it. However the site's owner, Don McGunigale, has zero respect for artists and a very twisted view on the legalities of works-ownership and rights.

I've done a number of small commissions for players on the site and never had a problem. Don attempted to commission me last year and long-story-short, it didn't work out. At all. I've done other non-commissioned work for the site out of love for the game, but have spent the last few days being walked all over for that work. Work that I did as a favor.

As Don McGunigale doesn't respond to reason and elevated a ridiculously simple request into a bunch of tl;dr nonsense, I feel something ought be said. I'm currently engaged in the legal side of trying to get my work down (right now mostly dealing with CafePress to stop my stuff from being sold).

I'll gladly elaborate or provide backing to any of these assertations, but I'd rather just post the warning in brief so everyone is made aware. Forewarned is fore-armed and such. I simply don't want any other artist having to go through what I've just gone through.

Thanks for your time.
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Finished the work... where's the payment?

Hello to all,

I have a small problem and could use some advice on how to solve it as I've never encountered this kind of situation before...

I was commissioned at the end of May last year to make a one piece fursuit (with no head, just an open faced hood)
I was paid half upfront where 250$covered materials and 50$ for labor and have about 300$ left owing to cover the rest of the labor.  I made the costume and it was ready at the end of August. So it took 3 months.
I photographed it, sent the photos to the customer,  asked for the last payment, his response was:  "I'll send it out this Friday."
So I waited, and hoped and then was dashed...
2 weeks later I ask again,  and get the same response: "I'll send it out this Friday."
I've probably let this drag on, but basically since September I've been emailing him every week or two to ask for payment.... and he hasn't paid yet, always with the same excuse.

So, at this point,  what should I do?  I figure I should give a final notice of some sort?  Maybe something like "Please make the final payment, or I will be forced to resell the costume."  How long should I be obligated to wait?

But what about his deposit amount?  Is he entitled to the entire amount or to a portion of it?
I don't think it's fair for him to be entitled to the material portion, as I could have spend 250$ elsewhere, especially right now.

I feel I'll be lucky to get 350$ for the suit on an auction, likely to only get 250$ at the most.

So some input would be appreciated~

*edit* 03/25
I've sold the suit privately to another fur before it had a chance to go up on auction.  The original buyer hasn't even e-mailed me about it yet nor has he responded to the final notice or anything.  I'd still be waiting to this day had I not sold it to another buyer.
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