December 21st, 2007

Smiling Eskie
  • eski

Shuu Shuu Buttons

This post is about the online button company called shuu shuu buttons. If this is a repeat entry, go ahead and delete it. =3

I hesitated to post this because I bought several items from artists affiliated with this company, made through the company and I was very pleased. So, this has nothing to do with ANY of the artists who sold products of their work through shuu shuu buttons, it's about the website itself and it's services.

August 13th, I sent an email expressing interest in getting buttons made through them, because they have a "design your own" section where you send in your own art to be made into buttons. I wanted to sell these at a convention I'm going to in January, so I figure August would be plenty of time to get it settled.

No answer. I send another email on October 28th, asking the same thing. No answer again. On November 13th I sent my final email, and still no answer. I was going to link to their website for this entry, but now I find it's gone! I did find they have a deviantart page though, which is here:

After reading the front page comments, it looks like the business collapsed and whoever was running it took off with a bunch of people's money. I just thought I'd put it here and share my experience with them as well. Thankfully, I didn't loose money, but others did. =(