December 18th, 2007


Question about art theft in a book

I have a question about art theft outside the realm of the internet. I have a little game I play in bookstores where I pick up new books and pick out as many altered images I recognize as possible. These images always have the original signatures removed and are presented as wholly new works, without credit listed anywhere in the book.

Several times now I've seen art that I recognize off of deviantart or art belonging to artists I recognize.

My question is whether or not it would be helpful to mention the companies and books that do this here, in case other artists want to see if they recognize their own art being used? And should I contact the original artists? Obviously I don't know for sure that they are using the images without permission, but I would venture to say that they do not, for the most part.

So in general, when you see theft in the "outside world" like that, is it worthwhile to take note of it and contact the original artists? Is there anything that can actually be done?

Thanks for any advice.
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