December 17th, 2007

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a Paypal question

Hey everyone, I've come to ask a question based on your experiences.
A few months back I was commissioned by someone, (I'm not going to say who, because I don't want this to be a mark on their record, they could be totally innocent in this matter) and finished the commission over a month ago. I got half the payment up-front after I finished the initial sketch as I always do, and requested the last half after I finished the entire picture.
After period of silence, I got an email from my client saying that that they couldn't send the payment via Paypal, because they kept getting an "access denied" message on every credit card they had tried to pay me with. I was fine with this, as I'd done a commission for this person before, and knew that they're not the scamming type. (I'd sent them the finished image any way, but not the high resolution version.)
Now a month or so ago I did manage to get a small amount of money sent to me from them via Paypal, but not the rest. I was promised the rest soon, but my client was still telling me that this was a Paypal / credit card issue; and that somehow they'd been able to send me a small amount, but not the rest.

Until yesterday I hadn't heard anything back from my client, despite my repeated attempts to contact them about the final payment, and other ways that they could pay. (I even sent them the full-resolution commission to try, and encourage them to contact me.)
In the email I received from them they apologise for the sitation, and say that payment will come soon.

Now I don't know if it's just me being a little un-trusting, but to me this sounds like more of a 'lack-of-money' issue than a Paypal error. Has anyone else had any "access denied" errors with Paypal using credit cards, and only been able to send small amounts of money at a time?
Thanks guys for any advice you can give me guys.