December 9th, 2007

Problem regarding a commision

I initially commissioned keehla in January 2007 for an adult digital piece with two characters. We agreed upon a price of $45 and I provided payment on Jan 31st. She did not bring up the fact that she was uncomfortable drawing this until around July during a conversation on MSN. I then suggested a front and back character sheet of my raptor character and sent her reference pics in an email in Sept 15th. She sent me the first wip pic on Sept 20th. I asked her to make a couple changes to the sketch to make him a bit more feral looking and she got back to me with a second wip on Sept 21st. Up until this point everything was going fine with the commisson. The second wip looked a lot better than the first. I asked her to make a change to the markings she had drawn on his face on Sept 21st and sent another email with details on his posture on Sept 22nd.  She sent me an email back on Sept 24th saying she got my messages and would make the changes to the sketch. On Oct 1st I sent an email to inquire on the status of the commission and received a reply on Oct 7th saying she had been on vacation and had no time to work on my commission and would start on it soon. I made another inquiry on Oct 21st and reply on Oct 23rd from her explaining that she has been sick lately and made no progress on my commission. I sent her an email back on the same day wishing her well and waited patiently for a reply. This was the last I heard from her. I have commissioned this artist in the past and have had no problems with her work or the ammount of time it took for the commission to be completed. The last commission she drew for me I was very satisfied with. It just seems that contact with her has become increasingly sporadic over the course of the year. I asked my friends what i should do and they suggested that I send her a professional sounding email asking her for a refund due to her seemingly not having time to finish my commission. I sent her an email on Nov 7th asking for a refund and received no reply, altho I noticed on Nov 8th that my commission was removed from her art status. I waited patiently for a response and sent another email on Nov 24th, to inform her that I was going to post here if she didn't reply within a weeks time. I waited longer than a week, hoping that we could resolve this matter privately, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. I'm posting to hopefully resolve this matter. I'm not out to hurt anyones reputations, at this point I just want either a refund or the finished commission.
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