November 29th, 2007

Very demanding customer

Hello, I am new to the livejournal and have had a problem with this customer. I will explain as best I can, however, my English is not good.

   During October, I start  take commissions for first time. I had replies and did a few artwork for them, it was very easy and many were happy. Then in first week of November, I am contact by a person name 'Rags' who is wanting a drawing. It is more elaborate than what is typical, with a painted background, but his description is understandable - it is commission involving five or six character, a specific setting, and a particular theme (which is of adult nature, I can explain if necessary). It is fine, I accept the project and have offered price of $50USD. This is low compare to what I would typically ask for such, however, it is a theme I am enjoy and can do easily. However, as I begin to draw this, he sends another e-mail with specific positions request. This is fine, I am okay with an elaboration. Hour later, he sends one more e-mail... it is list of 26 positions and scenes he would like in this drawing. This is much more than what we had discuss. I stop the drawing and ask for clarify, if he is wanting ALL of this in one picture! He is! I explain that there is no way to fit so many character and scenes into one picture, and offer idea.
   I say to him, if we take these scenes and divide into 26 individual drawing, all seperately, it is something i can do. He is agree, and we come to price of $25USD per drawing to be done over time. I have ask for a deposit, since it is very large project, and he has sent $75USD to start. I have to put aside the first drawing, it is not something he desired, and start on the first of new drawings. It is a rough drawing, I have offered it after scanning for his 'okay' for me to clean and finish. He does not understand, he thinks I am showing him finished drawing and gets angry. I explain that this is rough drawing, I would like approval before finishing. He says he wants it as a 'cartoonish' drawing, which is not my typical style, and then colour, which is also not my typical style. I try this, and colour it and upload it into my FurAffinity for his approval since it is closer to finish. He does not want this to appear on FurAffinity, and he is complaint about very small details in drawing which cannot be change since it is coloured. I am getting very frusterate, this is only the first drawing and it is already take almost a week and a half. He is begin to send me three and four e-mail a day, and then I have e-mail problem, and he is begin to send Notes everyday. I tell him, I am working on other artwork (there is six other commissions), and ask him for patience. He says he will be patient, and then sends more Notes! He is wanting everyday updates, however, does not enjoy any of this work and is very picky.

Finally, I am tired of this, and tell him i am offering refund. I do not have time for this, and do not enjoy five and six Notes on my FurAffinity everyday, and I will not complete this drawing time and time again only to be told it is not good enough! Not 26 times, I am not a desperate for money. He will not accept refund. He says he will be patient. However, I have 38 e-mails from him and 22 FurAffinity Notes since first week in November, which is not patient.

I do not know what else to do. I am taken many other commission since then, and many customer have been satisfied, but how do I solve this? I do not know if it is okay to post name of this man in here, but if it is not, I can remove.