November 23rd, 2007

Beetlejuice Smug

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My little sister commissioned someone to paint her dollfie head for her since she had a lot of good feed back from other dollfie owners. She mailed the head out to be painted, along with a description of what she wanted, and the artist sent her a preview picture of the painted head. My sister asked for a few changes (the lips to be darkened, the eyebrows changed), which the artist agreed to do, and sent her a final preview pic. However, the last pic was so blurry it was hard to tell if the changes had been made (it appreaded that they had been), and when the painted head finally arrived it seemed that the artist had not in fact made any of the changes she asked for. My sister doesn’t want to leave any negative feedback for the artist since it seems all her other customers have been satisfied, and she doesn’t want to complain to her. However she’s also very unhappy with the dollfie head. I suggested sending it back to be repainted, but she doesn’t seem to want to do that either because she’s afraid the same thing will happen again, and she’ll be out of even more money.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle this situation?
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