November 7th, 2007

2 Warnings

:EDIT @ 14:20 GMT 8th Nov. 2007: Following this post and connected e-mails, both customers contacted me and updated me on their situation. My warning still stands that payment should be obtained in advance, but do not dismiss them as suitable customers since both have been excellent on all other points. My advice, as always, is that customers should keep money aside for commissions just as they would any other purchase, that way these situations are completely avoided. :End Edit:

I've had a great deal of difficulty maintaining contact with the following two customers after completion of preliminary sketches:

Kraken D'waggin (only known alias)

Thom Wolf (Thomas Schwarz)

Initially, there were reasonable excuses for the lack of payment - Paypal difficulties and ill health respectively - and I will always take an excuse at face value if it seems reasonable.

Since then, numerous attempts to contact these two customers have been made with responses tailing off and then simply ceasing. I would advise that any other artist attempting to work with them secure payment up front since this is the only issue with these two customers.

Both were polite and described what they wanted perfectly, the transaction has only broken down at the payment stage, which is regrettable.