November 2nd, 2007


Unpaid commission. (NSFW)

My artist friends have all spoken to me about this guy. He has a humanoid character that has a habit of sleeping with some "unique" women. One of which he "commissioned" me to draw. Granted I took about a few weeks more than I'd like to finish it to "satisfactory" so that I could show him and so that he could approve it... so i sent him a copy in a fairly small resolution.

He approved of it and said he would send the money order in the mail (he lives in the united states). I trusted him with my home address.

A month passes, we exchange emails about it, I get nothing in the mail. He keeps making excuses blaming it on the post office, blaming it on everything else. He promises to send the money order again.

Three months later, still no money. I put the commission away on the back burner. I close commissions because I'm just too angry to be interested in it.
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