October 26th, 2007

  • _reddie

Art theft

I came across this person (sandeep-art) on deviantart while they were uploading a bunch of work the other day. I know that one work, entitled "Stretched Out..." is just a re-color of Pepper Clubbing II by Artgerm. The description is "Illustration" and nothing more. I sent him a note telling him he needed to reference the original picture and artist as well as get permission to use it. He never responded and just re-titled the image "Stretched Out... Inspired Art". I'm not sure if he ever contacted the artist, I'll be sending a note there as well, but I wanted to post this to make sure nothing else was taken. The gallery is full of very different styles, enough to make me think they were probably all "inspired".

I'll post again if it turns out he had permission to use the art and just... forgot to reference the original, but I doubt that will be the case. =/