September 30th, 2007

Uhm... help? ^^

I got a mail this morning and I am not quite sure what really to make of it... sould I take it as somebody trying to snatch my art for little money or might this actually be the chance to come close to one of my personal dreams?

I have little... well, no experience with business of that kind... Has anybody ever recieved a mail from this guy or knows him or knows the project he's working for? I'd really appreciate your help! 8o

Hi -

My name is Jim O'Connor. I was impressed by your artwork that I saw online on and wanted to contact you.

My business partner and I have developed a collectible card game based on a very popular, public domain property.

We will be paying a percentage of our net profits for each final piece of artwork used on each card. Although we are only asking 1-3 pieces of each artist, there is no limit on how many you can do. And you will be paid for each one used in the game. You will retain your original art and have all rights to your art except for printing/publishing rights related to the game. You'll be free to sell your original pieces, just not in conjunction with artwork from or the name of the game.

Some artists will set the standard appearance of individual characters, races, and creatures that other artists will have to follow. Some images will have specific requirements, while others will allow you to stretch your imagination without limit.

We are looking for color fully-rendered style art. No light-wash water color, grey-scale, cartoons, graffiti, tattoos, roto-scoping, retouched photos, nor comics. Images will need to be painted (medium sized canvas) in gauche, acrylics, oils, pastels, water colors, or computer-rendered (high resolution at certain sizes). To get a better understanding of the quality and style we need, please look at the images at This is the official web site of Magic the Gathering, which is the original collectible card game and the standard to which all others are judged.

I would like to email you non-disclosure agreement. Once that's signed I can give you full details on the game and see if you're interested. You need to be 18 or older.

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