September 14th, 2007

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Illegal redistribution of art -

The latest in Arcturus' art redistribution scams, one of the former being a "chan" with no DNP (do not post) list. He likes art but has no respect for it's origins.

Despite the message on his site that "If you’re really offended by having your work posted to such a website, please email us with a polite request to have your posts taken down." he has no intent of following through with the promise of respecting artists' wishes.
In fact, when another artist politely requested he take her work down he started harassing her friends via IM and her via FA uploads calling the copyright holder a jerk for not letting him do what he wants with her art.

As further proof I offer up the short e-mail exchange I had with him when I found out one of my pieces was up on the site as well.
Arc's replies are in italics because he doesn't sign his e-mail.

______________________________ Sep 5 - Topic: Redistribution of my art

It's come to my attention that someone has reposted one of my images to your site.
As copyright holder I request this image be removed from your database.
The image in question is here:
- Thaily
Can I ask why?
Can I ask why you want to know why?
- Thaily
We like feedback on removal requests so that we can work to address any
problems and so improve the site.

My reason is that it was reposted without my prior knowledge or approval.
- Thaily

A week later I had received no reply what-so-ever and the image was still up on the site.
At this point I contacted the hosting provider, a German company Hetzner Online AG.
They replied within the day and the image was finally removed.

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