September 13th, 2007


Can he DO that?

Recently I was contacted by someone wanting a plushie for their child.  I gave them my standard reply of how much each size costs and stated that I don't recreate officials or plushies done by another artist.

This has become a standard response because a look around plushie communities you'll see bootleggers and copycats making money off of other people's hard work.  It's something I don't want to get involved with so I state it in my early responses to queries.

Ok,,, so this guy starts asking questions about how much and how big and what style.  He then starts showing images official plushies and wants it "like that."  I then point blank turn him down and state I'll have nothing to do with bootlegging.  To which he seems agreeable.

Then a couple of days later I get this email full of rage, asking me "who pissed in your cornflakes."  He goes on to tell me I've ruined his child's hopes of getting this plushie and that I'm an unprofessional that will NEVER survive in the real art world.  And he was going to tell everyone what an unpleasant person I was to work with.

This hit me hard. 

And so I ask you... will I survive the real art world if I stand by my policies?
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