September 11th, 2007

  • charha

Concerning SweetAnika

Sweet Anika aka Sweet Sue is notorious for not paying the people she commissions. I know that she has been mentioned in this community before.

I would like to know how many people have been so far conned by her and would it be possible to gather our forces so that we could put an end to her behaviour once and for all. Perhaps with enough people we might be able to write a petition to the DA staff and ask for them to remove this user because she uses her account to steal from people? I really don't know how these things work, but it hurts me to see her list grow longer.

She tries to cover up her tracks by keeping a list of people she currently owes money to on her DA page. I've been keeping an eye on the list and I haven't seen any progress on it for months. I contacted these artists and I found out that some haven't even drawn her anything. One was furious with her.

Since April I have done what I can to keep in contact with Sweet Anika. I chatted online with her on a couple of occasions and sent her about five private messages concerning the pending payment. She now accuses me of harassment. When I told her that I am expecting the payment by 1st of November she only said "bahbah". She has also told me to "fuck off". I have plenty of message logs in which she ignores our agreement and insults me.

And for the record, she was initially very happy with the picture I drew for her. She even used it without my permission.

It doesn't bother me that I lost money because of her. This incident taught me to be more careful in the future. But it sincerely worries me that she keeps on doing this to other people and I wish there was some way of stopping her.