August 31st, 2007


update on Gypsymoon

Just wanted to pop in an update ya'll on my previous posts featuring gypsymoons_den...

although Ultraviolet has been quite helpful in attempting to collect a payment from her for me, I've had no response since June of this year.

I did send her a collections notice, as I believe one other artist did, but have received no response.

The badges she commissioned were completed in September, 2006.

So, sadly, I must reiterate... do not do business with Gyspymoon.

Just out of curiousity, can we get a tally going here? Anyone else owed?

What would YOU do?

EDIT: I have spoken with him. Payments are to be paid as soon as he gets funds. He will message me. I'm doubtful, but this is the best I can do. I will wait a bit, and then attempt to get him to sign somthing or try to push things farther.
I've done what I can, and yeah, wow, not doing this again. Thanks for the great advice everybody!

You have a friend. Who draws. You were a commissioner before friend, and now friend & commissioner. He is nice. But never finishes things that doesn't interest him.

Two years ago you pay for a commission by your 'friend' and pay up. The bill is over 100.00.

You wait for a very long time. Such a long time, that things change and you change the commission around a bit, which is fine with friend artist, and you wait more.

It is now two years later. You have only received one sketch of the two inks you were to receive, and its not even remotely what you wanted. Its okay, but not worth what you paid. Said artist is notorious for not doing your char really right, and ignoring little details that make it worth it.

Said artist has been posting new art up a storm, and you are rather pissed that you aren't included in this. You know he has done this to many, many other people.

You are fed up. You want your money back, all of it (even though he doesn't have a job and makes all his income off of art and you know it will be hard to pull it out of him) and you don't even want the friendship or art.
You won't even settle for him to do extra for you, you just want the cash.

How do you do this without IM'ing them and being a total asshole? I just want the money. I don't want the art. I don't want to be his friend and risk his growing rep to pull down my already tarnished rep. I feel like I"M The asshole for letting it go this long and letting him console me with that first sketch I don't even like/want.

If it were any less I'd just let it go but at this point I need that money, really, I do, for some important real life issues. Is this why I am finally bringing this thing to a head? No, not exactly. I'm sick of getting shafted and pushed around, and its about time that I put a stop to this. My niceness over the years has put me several hundered in the hole, and I"m not letting this be the whip cream and cherry.

I just don't know what to do.
I'm kind of afraid he'll find out through this and be very upset with me, but you know what, it has to be done. I can't be cheeky misses nice guy and just hand out hundered dollar bills with the hope I'll get somthing for it.


I'm bothered by many of the posts on this site having a recurring theme so I thought I'd point some things out to customers and artists alike.

First of all, I must state that I work as an artist earning a small wage for 30 hours work a week. This is my business and currently my only source of income.

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I hope this has helped and that I'm not preaching to the converted, but I have been astounded of late by the number of situations that could have been avoided if people realised that what they are doing is PAYING someone to MAKE SOMETHING for them, just like any normal business transaction.

Okay, rant over ^-^