August 23rd, 2007


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Do not accept a commission from vestawolf on LJ, aka vestawolfess on FA. They will not pay you for your efforts.

EDIT Over 3 months since this post and she still hasn't even attempted to contact me. I repeat, do not accept commissions.

Back then, I figured "Hey! It's only $20! That's hella cheap for these badges, why on earth would anyone want to be a jerk and not pay for something so small!".

They commissioned me in early May for a badge which was finished in mid May, shown here : (Top right) After I posted it and messaged her, the following was sent.

"Sent By: Vestawolfess On: May 16th, 2007 07:52

Hi there!

It is BEAUTIFUL!! Absolutely lovely. If it's ok, I'll get payment sent a week from tomorrow...just realized I need to get money on the card which my Paypal account uses. Payday is next Thursday. Thanks so much!!!!!!! *hugs*



Heya! So ya know, I've finished your badge. ^^ It's up on my latest submission.

If it's to your liking, my paypal is and the total is $23. I can mail it out as soon as payment clears. ^^"

The date they promised came and went. I left reminders in their comments on FA and LJ, which they seemed to not read. I gave them the benefit of the doubt. After a while, I posted here on artists_beware asking if anyone knew this Vesta in order to ask them if everything was ok with them, perhaps they were kicked out or something and wasn't able to tell me? EDIT:Post is

Nope, they'd uploaded to their FA recently, so no computer access had been ruled out.

I'd kept it very nice and friendly up until now, just leaving happy reminders now and then of what they owed on their FA and LJ. Until yesterday, I was finally getting tired of being nice so I finally let them know that I knew what she was doing and that I was tired of it and that it wasn't fair. I unfortunately forgot to screenshot the comment I left on her LJ, but the basic gist of it was:

"Ok, it's been months, your badge has been printed and packaged and is collecting dust on my dresser. I'm tired of you ignoring me. You complain about your job, but how would you feel if you worked your butt off for 3 hours and then your boss decided that they didn't want to pay you for those 3 hours of work? That's exactly what you're pulling on me and I don't think that's fair."

I checked today, comment deleted. So in a little fit o frustration, I just posted a "Deleting my comment doesn't make the fact that you owe me money go away." and reposted, in part, my original comment to her FA which is a lot harder to just delete and ignore.

In the end, it's only $20 but still, I'm more upset because I just feel that my trust was violated. That sucks more than not having $20. Yes, yes, I KNOW I should ask for money upfront. But when I do, I have a LOT of trouble getting the work done, then I feel terrible about holding someone's money and not giving them the work within a reasonable time frame.

So yeah, don't do art for this person unless you like getting gipped.

EDIT: Well, she's finally responded for the first time in months, claiming harassment. I left a grand total of maybe 8 comments to her LJ since the commission was finished and I suppose she got an admin to delete the comment I left on her FA (Which due to the nature of, I kind of think that she only replied because an admin might've made her respond before they'd delete it).

She left this on my FA:


Posted August 27th, 2007 06:33 PM

You know what? I am in the middle of a move...the second move in a few months. I will pay you when I am not paying rent, for groceries, for plane tickets, and for RL. Spamming my LJ will get you reported to the admins.


Eh... I'm skeptical to believe this (Not that she's moving, but that she'll pay me 'when'). If this was the case, why didn't she come out and just tell me, it would have prevented the 'drama' rather than deleting my reminders that said anything more than 'please e-mail me'? If she had flat out said that she was moving and suggested a date or asked to pay later, I would have more than gladly agreed to wait (ESPECIALLY if she told me before I had done the work. I admit I'm a little sore about that.) She is an artist herself, I kinda figured she'd know better than most that communication is important. x_X

I'll keep you guys posted and rectify this post if she actually comes through on her word this time.
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