August 8th, 2007

Upset about Ravynwolf

A couple years ago, I believe it was 3 years now, A friend of mine, Ravynwolf, had a problem with one of her horses and needed $$ badly to help it out. I offered all I could afford, which was $300. I had a job at the time. In return all I wanted was for her to discount me on some miniature painting. We worked out this awesome werewolf chess set of minis produced by Rackham Confrontation. She painted minis and I was afraid to try. She said she'd definately do it for about $10-15 each mini, though I forget exactly. I agreed to this, so we came up with a total and I bought all of the necessary 32 minis (at $15-20 each mini) which I shipped out to her, all at my own expense. I then purchased for her a brand new $250 Citadel paint set so she'd have quality paints to use, with the paint set fee discounted from the price of the set I'd owe. I also agreed to paint up two Windstone griffins for her (pretty much for free since I normally charge over $150 each for them), and that I'd give her about $200-300 at the end of the project once done, and also sell some minis for her at MFF con and promote her getting new commissions.

Time passed, and I made allowances for time when she couldn't do them in time for the first MFF, and then the second. Marriages happened to both of us, and I suffered a mdeical issue that threatening my life, which I have since recovered from. But even so I have been hopeful that this year the chess set would be done and on display at MFF con. However, to this date only 1 minis was ever finished, and about 3 were "in progress." Emails hardly ever came my way when I'd try to send out requests for progress, and the last email came this past April, but nothing since. I emailed and also commented in her LJ so I'd know she got some contact from me.

I requested all of my minis back (because 1 she hasn't really done much with them, and 2 because by now I learned how to assemble and paint minis and want to do them myself) but got no response. No replies to any of my emails or LJ comments. I feel like I have lost all of my figures now. I can't afford to rebuy them since I have medicl bills that need paying. I was so hopeful this woud all work out since she was such a nice, cool person and did kick-ass work. I made so many attempts to try and contact her and get this project more in motion but there's just no response.

So I, HIGHLY RELUCTANTLY, post here. I don't want to badmouth any artist because I too am an artist and need $$ alot and a helping hand at time, with patience and extra time for commissions and things, but I have allowed years, and comprimises, and a decent sum of $$. I've very hurt by this. It was one of those things where while having a bad day I could think of the chess set and how awesome it will be, one of those running projects that gives you a lift to think about, and now it just hurts that I depended on somebody who hasn't fulfilled their end of things and I seem to have gotten stiffed yet again for something that meant to much to me.

So instead now of vastly promoting Ravynwolf and telling everyone to commission her for her awesome painting skills for minis, I'm instead saying rethink it. I hate to have to post here against somebody, but I made ample attempts at trying to get my minis back without any kind of luck.