August 2nd, 2007

Artists Beware Me

This is an entry of deep apology to so many people I have wronged. It is quite difficult for me to write this, but it needs to be done, as I want so badly to make things right again.

I want to start by telling everyone, I did not make Haku. The lie all started at Anime Detour where I started by telling people who made it, then grew tired of explaining it to every person that asked and just told them that I did it. Well people tell their friends, and suddenly I am surrounded by attention and praise for this suit that I didn't make, that everyone thought I did. But I loved the attention, and over time forgot who really made it, and lost sight of what the right thing to do was. I feel so dirty, and terrible about it all. I want to come clean now, I want everyone to know who the great fursuiter that made my suits is, her name is Lynne Hassell, and she is by far one of the kindest, careing, fursuit makers I have ever talked with. Haku is her creation, through and through. I have done repairs and changes on him, but Haku was made by her. I highly reccomend commisioning her if you ever are looking for a great fursuit, wonderful quality that is very affordable or at least visit her site and see her amazing work. I also wanted to announce I am selling Haku, Lynne gets first choice if she wishes to have him back, if not I will place him on furbid, and with the money I get from selling him, I will use it to pay back people who I need to.

Speaking of people I owe things to, I know there are a few of you out there, and if you are reading this, please send me a e-mail at kindeadragon at and tell me what it is I owe you and I will get it to you. I want to start things over. I want to start on a new leaf. After all of this is done I no longer will be taking commisions, trades, or anything. I'll be only a small part of the fandom, if I decide to stay in it at all.

With that, again, I apologize to all I have wronged in the past. I will try my hardest to make things right again. I understand many of you will be and are quite angry with me, and I do not blame you. But when we talk, please talk with me like a human being, calmly so we can sort things out. I just want to make things better again. Thank you.

Note: Posted to personal journal and Artists_Beware