July 31st, 2007

New to this Community - In need of Advice

As many in this community, I'm an Artist, and I also do some fursuiting (Not full body fursuits, more just Ears, Tails, Hand and Feet-Paws, and eventually I do hope to experiment with Digitigrade legs).

My website is: http://www.solfire.com/~silverwing/Silverwing/silverwing.html

While it's not finished, I do have a Commissions page, which, while I plan on modifying a bit, lists everything as I feel it should be. Fair prices, the fact that I will not do art or fursuits without payment up front, things like that.

But my issue is this. I've had quite a few people commission me for either of my talents, and while most have paid, there's been a massive problem with 2-3 people who keep trying to commission me, but, every time it's brought up, no payment is sent, not even a half payment (With art, sometimes I'll do half up front, half when finished). One person in particular, who I won't name at this point, has tried getting me to draw for them three separate times, and each time, the money part of it is completely avoided. I'm not sure if I should blacklist them, or what. I'm hesitant only for one reason.. I'm in a very poor financial situation, and I need to bring in at least a little bit of money, otherwise, chances are I won't have a place to live for much longer. I keep hoping, praying, that they'll actually come through and send the payment for what they want, rather than giving me excuse after excuse after excuse.

What I'm really looking for here is an opinion on several things: How would any of you suggest I get more commissions to keep myself afloat, should I blacklist those who have thus far refused to pay, or should I not, and just keep hoping that eventually the money will show up.

If anyone can help me, even in the slightest, with this issue, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm with a Temp agency, but thus far, they haven't found me a job either, so things are strained.

Thanks to anyone who can offer their help, suggestions, or anything, really.