July 28th, 2007

  • tayit

Positive Feedback


Just wanted to post this here as somebody who likes to get commissions done, and I'd like to share one artist in particular with whom is an absolute gem to work: Watergazer. I've received commissions from her before without any hassles; she's very enthusiastic and with her commissionees every step of the way, from prelim sketches through completion. Her pricing is also very reasonable; I've offered her far more money than what she asks for con badges/sketchbooks simply because A: her work is that good, and B: she really is hurting for money at the moment (med bills). She is also a great person to work with when it comes to payment; she is very understanding and if one asks nicely, Gazer will do payment plans for commissions.

I am waiting for a con badge from her as I post to the community. As far as I know she is still accepting commissions (not sure about con badges, though) and will be up until about MFF. Check out her FA page for info on that since I have a poor memory sometimes, ^_^.

So, in conclusion...Watergazer is a great person to commission and never fails to deliver, so don't be afraid to approach her with a commission idea; she's pretty accepting of a fair amount of things and if given creative license will come up with some pretty neat things of her own!
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