July 25th, 2007

Self P

To press communication or not.

Is there a statute of limitations on dropping communication?

I feel kind of dumb posting here, but I'm really not sure what would be okay so I'm asking for advice.

About a year ago, I posted for trade slots. I took three trades. One we both finished, one I finished and the other person didn't, and the third neither of us finished. My question is about the second one.

I haven't talked directly to the person I traded with ever since finishing my half around April 06. I totally forgot about who owed who what because life got busy around that time.

I was thinking of contacting the last person I traded with, the one that neither of us finished, and asking if they ever did any work on mine, and maybe I'll compensate them for it or show them my own progress that never got finished.

And while I was thinking of that, I also thought of the second person and wondered what would be prudent. Would it be silly to bring it up now? Would it be a bad idea to ask for my owed half from the second person when I haven't mentioned it since completing it more than a year ago?