July 7th, 2007


Annoying customers

I don't have anyone to report per se, but I do need to vent with the people who I know will understand. :) Other artists. Tell me your opinions on this. I scrolled through a crap ton of journals here at artists_beware to make sure this would even fit in here, but if not, just delete this. :) I'll go ahead and post my post about commissioners behind a cut so I don't take up space.

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Concerning Jace

Ahh, my very first post here and, considering my surprisingly positive experience with a lot of furry artists, currently the only one.

Does anyone know what's going on with Jace? He's supposed to have cleaned up his act, at least, that's what I've been told, but I don't know how far that actually got.

Hmm, perhaps I should start at the very beginning.

Somewhere around.. oh, 1997-1998? I can't really remember. Anyways, around that time, Coldfire, Jace' mate at the time, set up a roleplaying game online (over IRC) involving dragon player characters. I'm sure you know the type: dice, character sheets, swords and magic spells.

Anyways, after the game started, Jace decided to give us players a good, cheap deal for pictures of our character in the game. I was quite eager and sent Jace eighty dollars for two color images of my character. That was way back when the game started.

...and then the game collapsed. Coldfire stopped showing up and we were having trouble organizing times for the game because of timezone issues. I had, by then, obtained a partial sketch of the first picture, which was quite promising.

Then silence.

I poked him by E-mail, and he explained he was having a hard time, he hit upon trouble, art didn't just drop out of his ass and he would work on it when he had time.

Time passed.

More E-mails. Again, working on it, etc-etc. 'I'll have it done by next monday.'.

Monday came and went, months passed, more E-mails, the same responses. I asked for my money back.

Time passed, more e-mails, but no more responses from him.

Then I started hearing other things about him. Commissions that were never completed, andsoforth. In one specific example, I heard from an individual who had an art-trade with him who never did recieve his end of the bargain. Rather, after much effort, he got a Part II (it said so clearly on the picture) of someone else's commission along with a lie that it had been made specifically for him!

Time passed, and I discovered that Jace was offering an art-trade to a fellow Dutchfur, Meanbean. I warned Meanbean that if he accepted the art-trade, he would either be pushed in front of people who were waiting a lot longer than him, or he would have to wait at the end of a long list of commissioners.

Jace apparently reacted to something Meanbean to him said in response to my warning, and sought contact with me, profusely apologetic and claiming he wanted to clear things up. Shortly after, he even produced a sketch of the second picture. Yay!

...and then nothing again.

After another long wait, I brought up the issue on a mailing list that both Coldfire and Jace were on. It quickly turned into a sort of discussion/flamewar hybrid which ended when it was announced that Jace had been given a new computer, and he would attempt to work off at least part of his commission list while also working on new commissions.

Then I met Dark Natasha during last year's Eurofurence. And lookie-loo, she had a portfolio for sale with some of Jace' work! I talked with her a bit about what her experiences were concerning Jace, and while I don't remember most of the details, I remember she had to go through quite some effort to finally get the art for the vore portfolio she was selling.

That brings us to now. The time it took him to complete the art in question is, unless I'm mistaken (and I must confess I'm very vague about when it all started) steadily approaching a decade.

I will ask him in E-mail how it's going sometime soon, but before I do, I'd like to know: Does anyone here have any signs that Jace did indeed turn over a new leaf?