July 3rd, 2007


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Not a warning of any kind, just looking to find someone.

Does anyone know the whereabouts of vestawolf? They commissioned me for a badge and it was finished back in May and I haven't heard from them since they promised payment. I've noted them multiple times on FA since then regarding payment. However, each of the notes, according to my outbox, has gone unread. I've also tried e-mailing and I've added them to my AIM list but haven't seen them online for a few weeks.

This just seems to me to be more of a 'something happened and they aren't online' thing to me so I was wondering if anyone knows what's happened to them? I'd hate to finally see them online and start asking for money only to find out that they're homeless and living in a box and using a public library's computer or something... I'd feel really bad. XP
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Serious Thread

Hi guys;

There's an unwritten rule for this community that really SHOULD go without saying: Don't make stuff up. Seriously. That's libel. It's totally lame. Anything that gives lawyers a wide opening to kick your butt is pretty lame in my book.

Besides, when you make stuff up, people will work it out eventually. Then you'll wind up looking like a total a-hole.

At the request of blondefoxy(aka "Lucky Coyote"), I removed a post tonight from a person claiming Cherie is wanted by the police. We've verified that this story was untrue, that the badge was completed and that the original poster had been giving the artist a long line of excuses for their inability to pay for the finished badge.