June 28th, 2007

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  • tania

Rules and Reminders

Hi guys;

Your friendly neighborhood mod here, writing on behalf of all us friendly neighboorhood mods. First up, we wanted to say how pleased we are that this community trundles along with so little drama (considering the subject matter). Just about everyone here shows a great deal of restraint and respect for one another.

However, no community is so perfect it can't be improved. So we'd like to issue a new rule, and remind everyone of a few of the old ones.

New Rule: No screening of comments. EVER.

This rule has been suggested a number of times, but we didn't think it was a necessary implimentation until we noticed that some people were screening dissenting comments on their own posts. This is a community for open discussion. You don't get open discussion if you screen anyone who disagrees with you.

As you know, Livejournal doesn't give us a way to prevent comment screening, so we're going to have to trust you guys to do the right thing. However, if you notice anyone screening comments, please email one of the mods. Our addresses are on the userinfo page. Not only can we unscreen comments, but we intend to use a three-strikes system to enforce this. If you're caught comment-screening once, you receive a polite reminder of this rule. If you're caught a second time, you get a Stern Warning and two-week ban. If you do it a third time, you'll be permenantly banned from the community.

There are no exceptions to the rule. Even if you see a troll or something incredibly offensive, email the mods. If it's truly trolling - and it's usually fairly easy to tell - we'll screen the comment ourselves.

New Guideline: Don't post about yourself.

If you've been an Artist To Beware yourself, please try to handle it with your clients directly. Making a post about yourself on this community is seen by some of the members as a form of attention-seeking. I know that's not necessarily the case, but nevertheless: if you're truly an awful deadline-breaking scumbag artist, sooner or later one of your clients will grant your wish and post you up here in a fit of impatience.

This is a guideline rather than a strict rule. You're free to go ahead and warn people about yourself if you wish, but be prepared to face criticism in the comments.


- If you see a breakout of flaming in the comments, don't sit back and complain "Where are the mods?" We don't check back on every post every day and we don't get comment notification on other people's posts. Email us, and we'll sort of the issue promptly.

- Flames: This goes without saying, but please try to treat people with respect and manners, even if they really are total goits. People tend to listen to calm comments backed up with logic.

We'll be updating the userinfo to reflect these changes over the next couple of days.

As we're tweaking the rules at the moment anyway, now is the time to tell us if you think there's a big issue in the community that a new rule could help solve. Suggestions are welcome, but please don't be insulted if we don't implement every change suggested. After all, this community really does run itself amazingly well as is. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

NOTE: If you're sitting there thinking "this is about / because of ME", please don't. Whatever you've done, others did it before you and others would have done it after you. We'll only make a new rule if we see a problem crop up repeatedly from more than one source.