June 24th, 2007

kyth spring


I commissioned a 100x100 icon with accompanying 400x400 image from rantingmule on the 6th of December 2006. The entry is here: http://rantingmule.livejournal.com/132614.html .

I emailed him with what I required, and paid with paypal the same day. I received an email on the 9th of December to say that he had got my payment, and I would get my pictures "by the end of the weekend" - 14th December.

I heard nothing for weeks, so I emailed him on the 9th, the 16th and the 27th of January 2007 asking for an update or a progress report. I received one reply on the 28th January. He apologised for the delay due to being sick, and for having connection problems, and my icon was "most of the way done" and I would get it "as soon as possible."

After hearing nothing since then, I emailed him on the 17th of June. I could only conclude that he was longer able to finish my icon, and at that late stage I was not interested in waiting any longer. I asked him to refund my $10 to my paypal account, and provided my account email.

I hear silence once more. I don't know what to do. I've been very patient, but this is just getting silly.