June 19th, 2007

Cute Xanthe

I really don't want to do this

I have been debating on rather or not to actually put this here, but my friend said that I should report this. In the following, I'm not saying you should not commission them, but I'm just upset. I understand the waiting period is different for every artist and I'm fine with that. But after all this I'm not really happy.

I have commissioned 2 people to do commissions for me. Together the money was like maybe $50.00 but still. 

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Beware of me, if you must...

(if this isn't the right place to put this, I apologize)

I do take commissions myself, and unlike everyone else, I take requests and trades!

Regardless of what it is, I will be a bit slow on it, even though I will do the work. I mean, someone on DA just paid me for a 3-page comic. I long ago took his money, and I still have yet to do it. It is understandable, however, that there are other things I must do, personally and drawing-wise.

As far as trades, go... I do ask, but I do have a poor track record of, as some put it, taking NO for an answer. And depending on whom you believe, I've been asking people one too many times. Regardless of that, even though I am slow on them, I always do my half.

I guess that's all about crappy old me...