June 14th, 2007

Narcis Maggock

Buyer/Artist's Guide to not getting BURNED

Would anyone in this community find it helpful if I posted a “How to Spot a Good Commission Artist” Guide.

I’ve read so many woeful tales from buyers who’ve been burned, but I know making a black list of bad artists just isn’t feasible or ethical.

I’m a freelance artist myself, and I’ve commissioned several pieces from other artists; and I’ve never had a problem in 7 years online. In that time I’ve also noticed some trends and tell-tale signs of bad commission artists. Would my guide be of any help? Would people like to make their own suggestions?

I can also make a "How to Spot a Bad Buyer - when an artist needs to say NO" or some such. Again, I've had several occasions when buyers have put me in tricky situations, but I can offer practical tips on how to minimise your loses (or avoid them entirely!).

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