June 4th, 2007


Getting commissioners to READ!

This is a partial rant, and the rest is me asking for some help in preventing and dealing with something annoying.

Okay, I know when I bid on auctions, Furbid, eBay or otherwise, I READ every detail before I click BID. But it seems I'm encountering more and more, particularly with Furbid, folks who simply aren't reading ANYTHING and bidding.

This frustration steams from a recent auction I posted, that I felt was pretty clear. The title was something like "Conbadges for pickup at AC", from there I mention both that the badges where ONLY for pickup at AC, and that I wasn't going to ship them.

So I'm paid, doing work on the badge, and then I'm sprung 'Oh here's the address I want it shipped to'.

THANK YOU FOR not reading the damn auction. At this point, it's not worth dealing with refunds, I'm going to finish the badge, ask for the cost of shipping to the UK, and mail it when I get a free moment to get to the post office.

So Halp me guys, is there anyway I can get these guys to read, and understand auctions? Bigger font on basic info, asking in email once it closes? I don't want to treat everyone like they're dumb, since this is just a minority of bidders who are stupid. But really this is getting a bit aggravating that I have to deal with things similar on a repeat basis.