May 25th, 2007

Draken ~ New Smile

Suggestions wanted


I have a small dilemma with an artist who I will not name. A friend and I commissioned this artist at FWA for conbadges. They were fairly cheap badges, 5 dollars a pop. The artist said she would be in the alley all night working on commissions and other such things. We did come back later to the alley to find that the artist was not there. We did see sketches of our badges at least, so at the point we weren't really concerned about them being finished on time. The next day we see the artist and she said she wasn't feeling well at first and admitted that they were afraid of inking and coloring the badges, so we gave our address and contacts so she would be able to mail us our badges.

Since then I have very limited contact with the artist, and was not aware of her contacts until a friend told me what it was. The artist still had not colored our badges, but had done a sketch for my friend. A month down the line, I got a message from the artist and a digital badge from her. (I was still expecting a traditional badge) And my other friend (about a month later) has now received her badge, but it's digital. The artist also stated that she has not had the motivation or time to finish our badges, but I can see that she has done other projects in the meantime. Personally, I would have no problem with this, but it's the last thing that the artist said that got me.

They wanted to give us our badges next year at FWA. We'd like our badges now. Should we press this artist to send us our badges sooner? Personally, we both liked the badges they sketched at FWA much better than the ones we received. Should we ask for our sketches, our money back? Or should we just give up since it is such a small amount of money?

Thank you for your time!