May 11th, 2007


Alright, I don't know if I'm doing the right thing or not, but I wanted to put RedwoodTiger (See: Redwood on FA ) up here on artists beware. I've tried numerous times to get in touch with Redwood over art he owes me and he has blocked me as of today.

I ended up paying him $60 back in March 2006 and bought him a pair of headphones(Motorola HT-820) that costed $72.xx that were on sale about a month later with an agreement that he would be willing to barter art for it instead. I really would of loved to handle this in private as he's not the only artist I am working with that's late on getting commissions done. ((I've got one artist I've commissioned that took two years, but he at least showed signs of good faith by getting bits and pieces of it done.)) But at this point, I feel he's closed the last opportunity for keeping his name clean.

Is it right to now demand $100 back for it? I know it's not the 132.xx he owes me, but I figure there was item depreciation and such involved with the headphones. I don't really feel comfortable having him finish the commissions with some of the things he's stated to others about what I have paid for. I know I've got eclectic tastes, but, I just don't want the world to know with editorial comments about what my tastes are.
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IMVU - copied artwork being sold as virtual "stickers"

So I'm fucking around on IMVU and I'm shopping for fictional clothes (the best kind) when I run into stolen artwork being sold as "stickers".
For example, synnabar's original.
Queenoffoxes sticker.

IMVU is a "Second Life"-ish chat program. You can make and sell virtual items and get credits to buy other virtual items but I'm not sure if they can aslo cash out credits into real money so the thief may or nay not be making money off this. Either way they shouldn't be taking other people's work and the original artists should be notified.
I already contacted Synnabar myself, but if others recognize stole artwork I encourage you to send a note to the artwork's original owners. Thanks :)
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