May 4th, 2007


Shipping and when does it become overcharging?

Thought I'd just toss this out, since it's been on my mind since I shipped out some art this morning.

How fair is fair when it comes to what you charge for shipping? Is there some point where adding a little extra beyond the exact costs of the mailer, and shipment is unfair to the customer?

I ask this because I charge a flat fee of $6 for most shipping. $2.50 for the waterproof mailers I use + $2.70 or so for the actual mailing cost = $5.20

Only today I noticed a mailer went to Canada for only $1.70. So I ended up with about $1.50 over charge. I shrugged it off and considered it fee for the long walk I take to get to the post office each time I mail stuff.

As both buyers and dealers, what are your views on a little 'extra' on shipping?
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